Monday, April 14, 2014

Kids in the Wild

Guess where my head has been the last few weeks as I've pored over a decade's worth of photos (even some print ones) of wilderness trips with the kids?  I look forward to sharing some wisdom with other parents thinking about heading into the great unknown with their children. The rewards are so worth it. I'll be presenting Tuesday, April 22 at The Spot in Ashland and again at the Outdoor Adventure Expo in Minneapolis on Saturday, April 27. For a full listing of events go here.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Potato Candy

Guest blogger Caroline returns with: Potato Candy.

It all started when my friend Sam said that she had made candy out of potatoes over the weekend. Naturally I had to try it.

I bought all the ingredients(powdered sugar and potatoes). There was a slight communication problem through between me and my mom. She told me, "As long as your boiling one potato might as well make up some more." I took that as I should use a bunch of potatoes in the recipe.

I used seven potatoes when at the most you're supposed to use is one. Me, oblivious to this, added potato after potato creating an inedible sugary potato soup.

The next day I tried again using only one. It worked out... if you like super sugary desserts.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Caroline's Thoughts on a Northern Spring Break

This week my daughter Caroline joins us as a guest blogger. Enjoy the photos and musings of this 10-year-old budding writer.

 Most people complain about the cold weather, the long winter, or new snow in March.  I don't mind it (at all). Long winters for me mean more dogsledding, skiing, snowboarding, and sometimes snow days. If you live in the north you've got to enjoy cold weather. Jacques loves to run and thanks to snow got to go out 10 times over the last three weeks.