Paddling to Winter

"The book is action-packed and lively, and the journey is incredible." — Laurie Hertzel, Star Tribune

“Want to test the strength of your marriage? Then do what Julie Buckles did and go on a year-long canoe honeymoon from your backyard on Lake Superior to Wollaston Lake in Saskatchewan. It’s a remarkable story told with humor and beauty.” — Erika Janik, Wisconsin Public Radio

"This is a beautifully written book, very much like Cheryl Strayed's 'Wild' but with a couple confronting the obstacles of the wilderness together." — Jerome Gary, filmmaker

“Once a self-proclaimed city girl, Buckles recounts how she fell in love with Ray, an outdoorsman, and learned to thrive in the wilderness. Her sharp, witty prose brings the expedition to life with humor and passion in a story of love and discovery that will relate to all readers.” — Conor Mihell, Canoe & Kayak Magazine

“There are so few women's voices in the field that don't try to conform to the model of male braggadocio and self importance. Buckles tells her tale simply and well with well observed telling detail and a great sense of proportion and what to reveal.” 
—Garrett Conover, author of Snowwalker's Companion

“In Paddling to Winter, Julie Buckles has crafted a careful, expert story that is equal parts adventure yarn and marriage manual. In a story that takes the reader from the shores of Lake Superior to far northern Canada, Buckles manages to recreate a thousand vivid details without drawing attention to any of them. This is an amazing book, sure to appeal avid paddlers, of course, but just as sure to appeal to anyone who has ever had trouble understanding the vows of matrimony.” 
—Peter Geye, author of The Lighthouse Road

 “A wonderful read for anyone who has ever dreamed of finally walking out the door to embark on an adventure of such magnitude that the idea of returning is a matter of faith. With vivid prose and a forthright voice that doesn’t shy from human fallibility, Buckles tells the story of a newly married couple who take on a journey as stunning as it is dangerous.”—Danielle Sosin, author of The Long-Shining Waters